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Samauma Rapé/Hapé

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Works on the crown chakra, but also acts in our umbilical chakra dealing with our relationships.  The Samauma is seen as the Mother of all trees and as the Queen of the Forest among some Amazonian cultures. She is the biggest of them all and gives shade to the others. This tree has a strong spiritual reputation, and has always been present in indigenous rituals and myths. Some traditions teach that Samauma is the abode of spirits that live in the woods. It is also popularly known as “Tree of Life” and “Ladder of Heaven,” making the connection between Heaven and Earth. For these reasons, this Samauma Rapé is a Snuff that can impart very strong spiritual connection and protection.

Each bottle is 28+ Grams ethically sourced from the Indigenous in the Amazon with Fair Trade. 


Hapé/Rapé (Tobacco Snuff)

They are very rare, sacred, powerful, precious, profoundly healing and cleansing miracle medicines. They are made in a very sacred and labour intensive process, and consist of various Amazonian medicinal plants, trees, leaves, seeds, and other sacred ingredients. Some types of rapé are made by various indigenous tribes, who originate from different South American countries – primarily Brazil and Peru.

Generally, they have the following effects – profoundly helps to re-align and open all your chakras, improves your grounding, releases any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, opens-up the third eye, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases any negative thoughts, removes any entities, connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection with Spirit.

 Each different type of rapé has different vibrations, notes, qualities, subtleties, and very different effects on the energetic field. Furthermore, after you develop a deeper relationship with each rapé – they are powerful Plant teacher spirits, where you can ask any questions or hold specific intentions for each sacred session.