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How long do I have to fast for?

6-8 hours to be on the safe side


How long are the Ceremonies?

The group Ceremonies last about 2-3 hours & private sessions are under 2 hours.


Do you hallucinate with Kambo?

No, Kambo is not psychoactive.


Does your face always swell up after Kambo?

Not every time, but there are some tips we offer to prevent the swelling.


How long does the swelling last?

Swelling usually lasts for only a couple hours however in some cases it may be longer, which is also normal.


Is it ok & how long should I wait till I smoke Cannabis?

Cannabis is safe to smoke, however it is best to continue to detox your body


Will I be able to drive after experiencing Kambo?

Yes, everyone drives home. As long as you are not dizzy you may drive.


How long should I wait to go to back to work? Can I go the next day?

If you are well rested and are no longer experiencing detox effects you can return the following day.


How often should one partake & use Kambo?

Depends on your intentions with the medicine but most Tribes recommend 3 to 4 sessions within a Lunar Cycle(Month) for the full benifets, cleanse & reset.


How many people attend your Ceremonies?

It varies however between 6-12


How long should I stop taking Medications before doing Kambo?

Depends on the medications but we usually suggest 2/3 days if possible


Can you do Kambo if pregnant or breastfeeding?



Do you guys make house calls to serve Kambo?



Should Ladies on their Moon Cycle receive Kambo? Is it safe?

It is best to be gentle with yourself during this time and follow your intuition and administer smaller doses during your moon cycle.


Where do you guys place the Kambo?

We usually introduce it to begin with on the arm and then on the next arm and on a meridian or chakra depending on the symptoms.


How do you determine how much Kambo to serve?

Depending on what type of imbalance you are experiencing.


Has anyone you served had any serious complications after doing Kambo?



We don’t make any claims of Kambo curing people from any disease or illness. We do not diagnose anyone or give medical advice.

The Kambo Medicine simply reawakens the body & reboots it to heal itself on a cellular level & work in its natural state.