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Contradictions & Considerations

Kambô is very safe but should always be taken with a properly trained person administering and supervising the treatments at all times. Certain health conditions prevent some people from taking Kambô just like some situations require special precautions. Please read carefully the following lists, it is very important that you disclose your whole health history with your practitioner. If something is not clear or you don’t understand, please ask.

Kambô Contraindications
People with any of the conditions below CANNOT safely take Kambô:
•       Serious heart problems
•       Stroke
•       Medication for low blood pressure
•       Brain hemorrhage
•       Aneurysms or blood clots
•       Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambô
•       Serious mental health problems excluding depression and anxiety
•       Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for 4-6 weeks afterward
•       Immune-suppressants for organ transplant
•       Currently pregnant or maybe so
•       Breastfeeding a child under 6 months old
•       Addison’s disease
•       Severe Epilepsy
•       Under 18 years

Mental Health History
It is very important to inform the practitioner if you ever have, or are currently suffering from a mental health condition, regardless of whether or not you are taking medication.

Kambô Considerations:
Certain situations may require special attention or considerations before, during or after your treatment. Please inform your practitioner if you:
•       Take immune-suppressants for autoimmune disorders
•       Taking slimming or sleeping suppressants
•       Use recreational drugs
•       Are taking any prescription drugs
•       Have recently stopped taking any medications
•       Are taking, or have recently stopped taking slimming, serotonin or sleeping supplements
•       Have an active drug or alcohol addiction
•       Have recently or currently fasting
•       Have done any water fasting before Kambô other than the required fasting
•       Had colonics, enemas, liver flushes, or any water/juice-based detox recently
•       Chronic health issues: (chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, thyroid conditions, etc)
•       Have any fears/phobias
•       Have used Bufo Alvarius in the last two months
•       Had surgery recently
•       Had any viral conditions (lymes, hepatitis, dengue)
•       Were you born with any heart conditions
•       Have a history of bulimia or anorexia?
•       Are you diabetic?
•       Have abnormally high/low blood pressure
•       Have asthma
•       Are you undergoing fertility treatments?
•       Are you taking birth control pills?