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Post Kambo Care and Integration
Give yourself some time to process your Kambo ceremony (2/3 days), get good rest, and be grateful for your many blessings!🐸

Kambo is a great tool to support your healing journey whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. You must follow your intuition and commence a new way of living by observing the outcome of your choices. 
It is a powerful healing detox and spiritual medicine if you allow it to be so and continue to work on yourself once the experience is over.
The sickness we carry lies within us and Kambo helps push it out to the surface for more healing and attention. Kambo did not make us sick or ill, we have had this deep rooted dis-ease within us. 
Proper integration can further support your healing journey so remember to be consciously aware of the foods, people, places and things you are bringing into your newly cleansed auric field. Your spirit will appreciate it or reject it. Viva Kambo! 🐸